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You don’t have something called free time guys. You don’t! You are members of this ummah. Any member of this ummah, especially the young member of this ummah is constantly working to make his society better. To do something good for people. You don’t have free time. You don’t have time to play video games for 8 hours. You don’t have time for Grand Theft Auto. You don’t have time for Modern Warfare. You don’t have time!

You don’t have time for the new movie that’s coming out. You don’t have time! You have time to do more important things. You’re the youth of this ummah. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Not just because the elders are telling you, because the sheikh is telling you, because somebody else is telling you. Because your own conscious should tell you! Your La Illaha Ila’Lah should tell you man! It should tell you that you have to be active people. That you will see corruption around you in society, you will see people that are getting away from Allah (swt). Who do you think will invite them? Me? No!

Those kids that don’t come to the masjid, those kids that don’t come to any halaqaat. I have no way of reaching them. You have to reach them! They are your friends! They hang out with you, not with me! You gotta go to them. You have to be their du’aat. You have to be an inspiration for them. So you have to make sure that you become a person of concern for those around you. You friends! Don’t just complain about your friends, ‘Man my friends all they do is watch movies.’

Have you ever advised them? Have you ever given to them something more positive to do instead? Have you been a good influence for them?This is what you have to do! May Allah Azzawajal make our youth the leaders of this ummah. And may Allah Azzawajal make them role models for others who have gone away from Allah (swt) to bring them closer to Allah Azzawajal.

May Allah (swt) make all of you examples, good examples, of Islam. They just see you and say, ‘Man I want to be Muslim. I wanna be like that guy. I want you to be like that!’ That’s the character you live by. Your honesty, your integrity, the way you carry yourself, the respect you show to others. They just see that and they say, ‘Man, I wanna be a Muslim. These Muslims have something special.’ This is what you have to become.

The real Dawah to Islam is the character of a Muslim. Is the character of the Muslim. You are the Du’aat of Islam without even opening your mouth. Because whatever they see you doing, they think that’s Islam. Whatever you are doing no matter when you are doing it, you are ambassadors of Islam. Allah (swt) will ask you and me on Judgment Day, ‘This is what you showed to those who were coming to Islam? Were you the reason why they come to Islam? Or are you the reason they went further away from Islam?’

SubahaanAllah…The responsibility that rests on our shoulders…

May Allah Azzajawal give us the ability to carry that responsibility and become responsible members of this beautiful Ummah.
- Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

“But this is the beauty of the Quran, every time you understand a chapter, that becomes your favourite chapter.”
Ustadth Hamza Tzortzis

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That is how soul is comforted

Sometimes, you reach a point where you cannot express your feelings not because you can’t find the right words but because you can’t define your feelings, know them or even understand them. All you feel like is a countless number of thoughts are literally running through your head, you feel like things come out & things come in, you feel confused. You don’t know if you’re just bored or something is bothering you or even if you’re happy. You feel like your soul is bouncing in your chest every time you try to define anything, even though you can’t feel or define your soul. It’s like running in a desert in the middle of the night, there’s ups and downs but you you can’t even see them! You run to get away from all this, and try to comfort your soul, listen to beautiful piece of art, or read in your fantasy book or even try to visit a part in your imagination that you know. You feel like a soul-less body, walking around but not feeling your legs, drinking and eating but not tasting anything, you hug your beloved ones like its a duty not for the sake of love, you look but you don’t see, you hear but you don’t listen and finally you love but but you don’t feel. It’s like, your body is perfectly fine, but your soul is lost, your soul is sick, your soul is dying. You see the colors but you don’t see the flowers, you talk only for necessity and you start to adapt, you adapt but you don’t know that you are. That was when I knew I should never adapt with an environment that doesn’t comfort my soul, and when I figured out my soul was getting pale, I couldn’t do anything but losing it, falling on my knees and asking for forgiveness for my sin. As I didn’t realize I needed Him, I desperately needed Him, the owner of my soul, the owner of my body, and the only comforter of my soul. I asked him to forgive me, for thinking that materialistic things would comfort me and facilitate what I was going through, where just my soul was begging me to go for its owner, just stand between his hands, and actually pray instead of making mechanical moves like a life-less machine. I was listening to his five calls not just hearing, and it felt a far far better thing to hear than a song. I read his book in calmness and it was a far far better thing to read than a fantasy book. I actually prayed and it felt a far far better thing to do than just mechanical moves. That’s how soul is comforted, that’s how to feel like being next to God on earth. That’s how self is recovered.