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The Qur’an

The last Book from Allah (SWT), which was revealed to our Prophet Mohamed (SAS), is most commonly known as the Qur’an. It is the book of complete guidance. It has all of the wisdom contained in the previous books and more. It is the book that Allah (SWT) promised to protect from changes and harm. No human being or jinn can write a book like that.

The Qur’an has many names like “The Kitaab (Book)” because the Qur’an is written as a book. “The Furqaan (Criterion)” is another common name. A “criterion” is something that separates between truth and falsehood, and this is exactly what the Qur’an does. The Qur’an is the Zikr (message or reminder). It is a message from Allah (SWT) to his creation, and it reminds them of what they are supposed to do in this life.

Here are some qualities of the Holy Book:

* The Qur’an is a book of cure and mercy. It cures the diseases of the soul. It even cures some of the diseases of the body. It is from Allah (SWT) who created us and knows what is best for our souls and bodies. It is also a mercy from Allah to the believers, because it helps them and protects them in different ways.

* The Qur’an is a book of guidance and admonishment (warning). It also gives good news to the believers. It gives news of victory and success, and news of a wonderful life in Heaven. It warns people from Allah’s anger, punishment, and Hell.

* The Qur’an contains strong proof that shows us why the wrong is so bad and why the right is so good. It is a clear light that helps us see our way in the darkness of this life.

* The Qur’an made the Qur’an easy to understand and made it possible for the Muslims to memorize it. We see that there are countless people on Earth who know and memorize the Qur’an. They are far more than those who memorize any other book.

* The Qur’an is the best book. It agrees with the earlier books and has new and better things that were not in the books before them. 

Qur’an is the book of guidance. It invites to think about Allah’s creation and power. It tells is the difference between Halal (allowed) and Haram (Prohibited) matters. It invites us to do good and avoid evil. So, basically it calls for the best of all things.

The guidance of the Qur’an is of three different types:

1.     The Qur’an guides us to the correct beliefs that we must have, such as the belief in Allah, His angels, His messengers, and the Last day.

2.     The Qur’an guides us to the correct ways of worshiping Allah (SWT). It teaches us what actions please Him so that we do them, and what actions anger Him so that we would not to them. For example, it commands us to pray and fast, and tells us not to drink or gamble.

3.     The Qur’an guides us to good manners. It teaches us how to purify our souls. It also teaches us how to have a good relationship with the other people and how to have a strong brotherhood with the believers. It guides us to truthfulness, patience, mercy, and kindness.

Because of the power and greatness of the Qur’an, no one can write a book similar to it. No one is like Allah. And nothing is like His Book. 

 His book is so great but most people are blinded from seeing its true beauty and power. If they could see the truth, they would know that even a mountain would break down to pieces from the power of the Qur’an.

The Qur’an has 114 soorahs (chapters). It starts with Al- Fatiha and ends with An-Nas.

The Qur’an will always be a miracle that no one can imitate. And the Qur’anic miracle will always bring more believers into Islam than any other miracle. May Allah (SWT) make us of those who recite the Qur’an frequently, memorize it, and follow its teachings. Ameen.