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The Real Hijab

In the beginning I would like to ask a question, what is your main target in life? Is it getting alot of money? Getting married? Getting a great job with an awesome salary? Or being the prophet Mohamed’s (SAWS) neighbor in Jannah? 

If its the last one, then you’re on the right path. If its another one, I think you should re-consider it.

In this article, I want to talk to my muslims sisters who understand some stuff in a wrong way. We all make mistakes, but the ones who try to stop doing them are so much better than the ones who just say they will. Regrettably, some girls gain “saye2at” without knowing so by just walking in the street.  How? Either by not wearing hijab or by wearing an improper one.. and that’s a disaster. Imagine most of the time you spend out is full of gaining “saye2at.” Thats a huge problem!

Let me remind you of something, what is the meaning of hijab ? Some people think that hijab means wearing a veil. Well thats not right. Hijab means covering every single part of your body that God ordered you to cover. Wearing something that hides but describes isn’t covering. That, my dear sisters is a huge misunderstanding. Some people may start to think that I’m accusing girls and that I think they are bad, but that is not my intention. I am only addressing the bad habits that is presented in our society and I’m just trying to advise them.

I want you to imagine that you are invited to you friend’s birthday party, for example, and you want to get a gift for this friend. You decided to get a ball as a gift. You have 3 choices : 

1)To get it without being wrapped 

2) To wrap it in colorful papers 

3) To put it in a box and wrap the box with colorful papers

Which one do you think will be the most surprising gift? Number 3, right?

You my dear sisters are a very precious and special gift. Which number do you want to be?

Whats number 1? No hijab

Number 2? Muhajaba but not the perfect hijab (Hijabi New Style)

Number 3? Muhajaba by the perfect hijab (The real hijab)

Oh and about the girls who say they’ll wear hijab after getting married, can I ask u a question? Do you want your husband to be a great person and to marry you because he sees your good behavior and your great soul? Or you just want him to marry you because you are beautiful? Well, beauty is ruined by time. Behavior, manners, and being close to God lasts forever, if not, increases.

When you are with hijab, your husband likes you for your soul, your manners, and your beauty. But if you’re not a muhajaba, he may be attracted just to your beauty. Does that mean he won’t like you after some time?? Think about it.. I’m not saying that hijab makes the girl less beautiful, but that is something some girls think, but that is not true.

So .. Do you want to stop gaining “saye2at” each time you go out ? And do you want to be the best gift for yourself and husband inshaAllah?

May Allah protect us all and guide us to the right path. Ameen