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Project: Remember Me, I will Remember You

Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) was sent as a source of mercy and as Muslims we should follow in his footsteps. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised for us to “Keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah”.

For the coming month inshaAllah, we will share Azkar together that can be recited before and after our daily activities. We want to get in the habit of remembering Allah with every step that we take. Through this project we hope that we can all help and remind each other to master this habit.

Color my Heart

Islam, you’ve colored my heart with all that’s good in this world. You’ve reminded me of what’s good, helped me differentiate between right and wrong, and you’ve made me stronger. You colored my heart white, made it pure, so I can pray with passion. You’ve colored it red, so I can feel the love of my religion. You’ve colored it yellow and helped me get lost in the beauty of everything I see. You’ve colored it green, and helped me become a cleaner person for the environment and myself.

You’ve infected me with bliss and I promise you, Islam, I’ll keep on coloring.

Always have a forgiving heart.

Realize that, to be able to forgive and be forgiven, you have to accept that you’re not perfect and that you make mistakes, just like anyone else.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ once said;

"Allāh the Compassionate bestows mercy upon the merciful people. So, have mercy upon the inhabitants of the earth, the One in the Heavens will be merciful to you."

[ Abu Dāwūd ]


And we pray that our brothers and sisters who went for hajj are in good health and iman and that they are being forgiven like how they are being rewarded as well, and may Allāh accept it from them. Amīn.

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When We Imprison Our Hearts

Salam’alaikum dear brothers and sisters,

Today I would like to speak to you about a very important topic that will help you all deal with some difficult times, inshaAllah.

We live in a world where there are wars, killings, and unexpected deaths. We also live in a world of fantasy, where what we see on the television, or hear in stories, we want. We attach ourselves to material things, only to have us be bored with it, or even worse, make us obsessed with it. We attach ourselves to people we wish to have in our lives when they are no one but a stranger to us, according to the view, and laws of Allah.

We live in a world where our heart, one of the most beautiful aspects of humans, gets attached to things it should not. When our heart is attached to something, we tend to go above and beyond our means to achieve that thing. When we do not get it, Allah serves us a lesson. He strikes us with grief, and with pain to show us that our heart should not have been overly attached to that material thing, to that person who was a stranger, or that wealth that is not ours anyway. I would like to relay to you a very beautiful piece by Imam Ibn Taymiyyah (May Allah be pleased with him). 


He said:“Anyone whose heart is attached to the creation, hoping for someone from the creation to help him or provide for him or guide him, then his heart submits to them and to the degree that his heart submits to them, he becomes their slave. This holds true, even if he is outwardly a ruler or guardian over those whom he treats as masters. The wise one looks at realities and not at appearances. So if a man’s heart is attached to his wife, even though that is permissible, his heart remains a prisoner to her and she may rule over him as she pleases - though outwardly he is her master and her husband. In reality, he is her prisoner and her slave, especially if she knows how much he is in need of her and how much he is in love with her and how much he feels she cannot be replaced by anyone else. At that point, she rules over him as the tyrant master rules over his subjugated slave, who cannot escape of go free. Indeed for the heart to be taken as a prisoner is a much greater matter than for the body to be taken as a slave or prisoner. Even a body that is a slave can have in it a serene and peaceful and happy heart. As for the heart that is a slave to other than Allah (the Exalted), then that is true humiliation, imprisonment and slavery.”

May Allah make us of those whose hearts are attached to Allah and anyone who we love we do so for Him. Aameen.